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    Winona State University
  Sep 25, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog


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319 Somsen Hall
Economics website
Matthew Hyle, Chairperson


Mahboobeh Asghari, Assistant Professor; BS, University of Tehran; MS, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran and University of Houston; PhD, University of Houston, 2015 -
Laura Carolevschi, Assistant Professor; BS, MS, Academy of Economic Sciences-Romania; PhD, State University of New York-Binghamton; 2012 -
Matthew Hyle, Professor; BA, Indiana University; PhD, University of Maryland; 1988 -
Daniel E. Kauffman, Professor; BA, St. Cloud State University; MA, PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; 1983 -
Gabriel Manrique, Professor; BA, Ateneo De Manila University; MA, Ohio University; PhD, University of Notre Dame; 1989 -
Vartan Safarian, Professor; BS, Pahlavi University; MS, MBA, Indiana University; 1983 -
Donald M. Salyards, Professor; BA, Graceland College; MA, PhD, Kansas State University; 1975 -
Marvin Wolfmeyer, Professor; BS, University of Missouri-Columbia; MS, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison; 1969 -


The WSU Department of Economics develops professional managers, strong analysts, and public servants. Graduates are trained in quantitative analysis and use economic methods of analysis in a global economy.

Pass/No Credit (P/NC) Courses

Except for internships, students must take all courses in their major, minor, and options on a grade-only basis. The P/NC option is available to non-majors unless otherwise noted. Courses offered on a pass/no credit-only or grade-only basis are so designated in the course descriptions.

Graduation Requirements

For a checklist of the University’s graduation requirements, see the Academic Policies & University Requirements  section of this catalog. Specific requirements for economics majors are as follows.

  1. Complete all coursework required for the major.
  2. Achieve a grade of “C” or better in all courses counted toward the major.
  3. Complete at least 18 semester credits in economics courses offered by the Economics Department at WSU, including ◎ ECON 498 - Seminar in Economics I (1 S.H.)  and ◎ ECON 499 - Seminar in Economics II .

General Education Intensive Requirements

Students may use Intensive courses to satisfy both General Education and major requirements.  Intensive courses will usually be in the student’s major or minor program. The Economics Department offers the following intensive courses in the General Education Program:

Oral ()

Math/Critical Analysis (◆)

Writing (△)

Intensive courses that can be used to satisfy economics major/minor requirements are identified in the lists of required courses and electives in this section.


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