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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog


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WSU Foundation Office - University Advancement
209 Somsen Hall (507.457.5198)

In an effort to help students make progress toward their goals, Winona State University offers hundreds of scholarships. Students in almost all academic disciplines benefit from scholarship funds that come from a variety of sources, both on and off campus. Some scholarships are open to all students. Many have eligibility criteria based on major field of study, academic standing, financial need, affiliation with a particular organization, or other criteria established by the individual scholarship fund donors.

Early in the spring semester, many scholarship applications are posted on the WSU Foundation webpage. The following sections describe general categories of scholarships that are available through the University.

WSU Academic Scholarships

The Office of Admissions (Maxwell Hall) can provide students with information about first-year and transfer academic scholarships. Funds for these scholarships come from the University’s WSU Foundation and the Alumni Society.

Outstanding Academic Honors Awards: This $3,500 per year award recognizes outstanding academic achievement in high school and is available to any first-year student coming to WSU directly from high school. It is renewable the first eight consecutive semesters for a total of $14,000 if the student maintains a cumulative 3.50 GPA, attends WSU continuously as a full-time student, and completes at least 12 credits per semester. A student is eligible if he or she is in the top 5% of his or her graduating class or 3.90 cumulative GPA or higher, and has a 32 ACT/1420 SAT or greater. Awards are based on the date the student is accepted to WSU; therefore, students are encouraged to apply for admission early. Recipients are required to live on-campus during their first two years unless they live with a parent or guardian. First-priority awards are made in early November.

WSU Foundation Board Scholarships: The WSU Foundation annually awards scholarships of $4,000 to six students coming to WSU directly from high school who rank in the top 5% of their high school graduating class and have an ACT composite of 28 or greater. An on-campus interview is required. Candidates are determined from a review of essays submitted to the WSU Foundation Board. The scholarship is renewable the first eight consecutive semesters for a total of $16,000 if the student maintains a 3.50 cumulative GPA, attends WSU continuously as a full-time student, and completes at least 12 credits per semester. Awards are based on the date the student is accepted to WSU; therefore, students are encouraged to apply for admission early. Recipients are required to live on-campus during their first year unless they live with a parent or guardian.

Note: Students who are selected as recipients of the WSU Foundation Board Scholarship are not eligible for the President’s Honor Scholarship awarded by the WSU Office of Admissions. The WSU Foundation Board Scholarship is in place of any WSU President’s Honor Scholarship.

President’s Honor Scholarships: The President’s Honor Scholarships are awarded to first-year students coming to WSU directly from high school in the following categories:

$2,500 per year Top 5% of graduating class and ACT 28 or SAT 1260: 3.90 GPA or higher
$1,500 per year Top 10% of graduating class and ACT 27 or SAT 1220: 3.80 GPA or higher
$1,000 per year Top 15% of graduating class and ACT 26 or SAT 1190: 3.70 GPA or higher
$1,000 per year Top 50% of graduating class and ACT 28 or SAT 1260: 3.20 GPA or higher

The scholarships are available for the first eight consecutive semesters if the student attends WSU continuously as a full-time student, maintains a 3.50 cumulative GPA, and completes at least 12 credits per semester. President’s Honor Scholarship recipients are required to live on-campus during their first two years unless they live with a parent or guardian. Early application for admission is encouraged.

Academic Awards: All students are reviewed at the time of admission and awards of $300-$1500 are included in admission decision letters. Academic awards do not renew and will not be added to Outstanding Academic Honor Awards, Presidential Honor Scholarships, or Foundation Board Scholarships.

Transfer Scholarships

Transfer Honor Scholarships: $500 scholarships are awarded to students transferring to WSU with 30 or more completed credits at time of application and have a minimum 3.35 GPA on a 4.00 scale.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships: $1,000 renewable scholarships are awarded to transfer students who have completed study at a community college with a 3.5 GPA or higher, maintain membership in Phi Theta Kappa, and have an earned Associate of Arts degree. Students must be enrolled full-time to renew this scholarship.

Resident Tuition Scholarships

As of Fall 2022, the Resident Tuition Scholarship awards resident tuition rates (in-state tuition) to students from non-resident U.S. states (students who previously paid out-of-state tuition). Based on the difference in the cost of resident and non-resident tuition, this scholarship is valued at approximately $6,700 annually. Students in reciprocity states (WI, ND, SD) will receive the grant but are still eligible to apply for reciprocity, which may provide a lower cost depending on tuition rates from participating states.

Students from a non-resident U.S. state will automatically be considered for the Resident Tuition Scholarship. The Resident Tuition Scholarship is renewable as long as the student maintains a 2.5 cumulative GPA while attending WSU.

Talent Scholarships (Fine Arts and Athletics)

Students may apply for fine arts scholarships if they are talented in art, music, speech, or theater by contacting the chairperson of the appropriate WSU department. Students are encouraged to apply to WSU early. Students who are interested in intercollegiate sports should contact the appropriate head coach to be considered for athletic scholarships.

Scholarships Awarded by WSU Departments

Most WSU academic departments select recipients of WSU Foundation scholarships in their major fields with awards of $100 to $2,000. Students in good academic standing and majoring in the specific departments may apply for these scholarships. The application process begins early in spring semester. Students should contact the designated departments for information about application procedures and deadlines.

For more information regarding WSU Foundation scholarships, including application dates and specific requirements, contact the WSU Foundation Scholarship Administration Office, 209 Somsen Hall (507.457.5198).

Alumni Society Scholarships

WSU Alumni Affairs Office
206 Somsen Hall (507.457.5027)

The WSU Alumni Society awards multiple $1,000 scholarships to new, not previously registered students who are relatives of alumni. The applicant must be a child, a grandchild, a sibling, or a ward of a WSU graduate, and the applicant must be endorsed by a high school counselor or a community leader. Applications are available in the WSU Alumni Office.

Equity & Inclusive Excellence Scholarships

Equity & Inclusive Excellence Office
121 Kryzsko Commons (507.457.5595)
Email: cdstudent@winona.edu

The WSU Equity & Inclusive Excellence Office coordinates scholarships, incentive grants, internships, and summer opportunity employment programs for historically under-represented students.

Equity & Inclusive Excellence Academic Honors Scholarship: This $2,000 award is available to incoming first-year students with a composite score of 24 or above on the ACT or a 3.00 high school GPA and ranking in the 50th percentile of their graduating class. The scholarship is renewable for three years if the student maintains a 3.00 GPA each semester. Applicants must submit one letter of recommendation from a high school teacher or counselor along with a typed autobiographical essay. Students who receive the Equity & Inclusive Excellence Academic Scholarship are required to participate in the mentor program.

Equity & Inclusive Excellence (Alliss) Scholarship/Grant: Scholarships/grants of $350-$1,100 are awarded to students admitted to WSU based on financial need and academic potential. Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA to remain eligible for the scholarship/grant as well as Federal Financial Aid. Applicants must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

Note: Effective fall 2007, scholarship requirements were modified to align with innovations at WSU as well as MN State’s definition of “underrepresented populations.” MN State defines underrepresented populations as “those who have been under-prepared for or traditionally under-represented or under-served in higher education, including students of color, first generation college students, students for whom English is a second language, and low income students.”

Scholarships Awarded by the Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office selects recipients for the scholarships listed below. Awards are based upon financial need and other criteria as determined by the scholarship donor. To apply for these scholarships, students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form, which is available through the Financial Aid Office . Scholarship amounts vary.

Charles and Ellora Alliss Foundation Scholarship
Etta Hudson Howell Scholarship
Arthur and Liola (Zeller) Mattson Scholarship
Winona County Bicentennial Scholarship

Study Abroad Scholarships

WSU Study Abroad Office
105 Maxwell Hall (507.457.5081)

The study abroad office maintains a Scholarship Opportunities List for students seeking an international experience. Some are national competitions, while others are specific to WSU students. Eligibility depends on a variety of factors with the list (and sometimes deadlines) changing frequently. Check with the sponsoring organizations for the most up-to-date information.

Some Faculty-led Programs provide scholarship opportunities from the sponsoring WSU department. Contact the Faculty Leader of the program for more information. Some Study Abroad Program Providers also have scholarships for students. Eligible providers are included on the scholarship opportunities list, but students can also check their website or contact a provider directly for more information. Financial Aid and nearly all WSU Foundation Scholarships can also cover study abroad programs.

For assistance navigating the study abroad scholarship list, to learn more about financial aid, or for other ideas on how to afford a study abroad experience, contact the Study Abroad office.

Other Sources of Scholarships

In addition to scholarships from WSU and the WSU Foundation, a number of organizations offer scholarships to their members, employees, and relatives. Each year, WSU students receive thousands of dollars in scholarships from businesses, government agencies, civic groups, professional organizations, fraternities and sororities, foundations, religious groups, education associations, and military/veterans organizations. Directories of these scholarship sources are available from a public library, high school guidance counselor, or financial aid office.

Private External Scholarships

These are private, external scholarships not associated with Winona State University.

Note: Please be aware of anything suspicious during your search for private scholarships. A few things to be aware of:

  1. asking for cash up front - never pay a fee to apply for a scholarship
  2. advertising a free seminar - often a sales pitch for unnecessary/overpriced “aid”
  3. rewards without entries - if you didn’t enter, you didn’t win
  4. time-sensitive scholarships - offering a “first-come-first serve” award
  5. sweeping claims - offers that appear too good to be true

More information on avoiding scams is available on the US News website or Federal Student Aid website. To submit a private, external scholarship for consideration, email: wsucatalog@winona.edu. Please notify us each year the scholarship is renewed.

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