◆ CMST 380 - Communication Research Methods

(3 credits) Meets GEP Math/Critical Analysis Intensive.

This course is an overview of the various qualitative, quantitative, and rhetorical approaches used in communication research. Students taking this course will learn about communication research methods in a variety of communication contexts. They will be well-positioned to do work requiring research methods in fields such as advertising, organizational consulting, political analysis, public relations campaigns, nonprofit service and outreach, and social media marketing. Prerequisites: CMST 275 - Communication and Civic Dialogue   or CMST 283 -  Rhetoric, Culture, and Power;  CMST 282 - Introduction to Communication Studies ; one 300-level CMST course, and one stats course: ◆ ECON 222 - Statistics for Business and Economics , ◆ PSY 231 - Statistics , STAT 110 - Fundamentals of Statistics , or STAT 210 - Statistics , or instructor permission. Grade or P/NC. Offered fall semester.

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