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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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302 Minné Hall
English website
Ethan Krase, Chairperson


James Armstrong, Professor; BA, Northwestern University; MFA, Western Michigan University; PhD, Boston University; 1999 -
Rob Brault, Associate Professor; BA, Macalester College; PhD, University of Minnesota; 2000 -
Chris Buttram, Professor; BA, Emory University; MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University; 2000 -
Jane Carducci, Professor; BA, Colorado College; MA, PhD, University of Nevada-Reno; 1992 -
Debra Cumberland, Professor; BA, Carleton College; MA, PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; 2002 -
Ann-Marie Dunbar, Assistant Professor; BA, St. Olaf College; MA, PhD, Indiana University; 2009 -
Gary Eddy, Professor; BA, State University of New York-Brockport; MA, University of Texas-El Paso; MFA, University of Arizona; PhD, State University of New York-Binghamton; 1988 -
Ruth Forsythe, Professor; BA, St. Olaf College; MA, PhD, University of Minnesota; 1977 -
April Herndon, Associate Professor; BA, MA, Radford University; PhD, Michigan State University; 2006 -
Andrew Higl, Associate Professor; BA, John Carroll University; MA, PhD, Loyola University; 2009 -
J. Paul Johnson, Professor; BS, Valley City State University; MA, University of North Dakota; PhD, University of Minnesota; 1987 -
Liberty Kohn, Associate Professor; BA, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; MA, PhD, University of Louisiana-Lafayette; 2009 -
Ethan Krase, Professor; BA, MA, Illinois State University; PhD, University of Tennessee; 2004 -
Ditlev Larsen, Professor; BA, University of Aalborg; MA, St. Cloud University; PhD, University of Minnesota; 2003 -
Gretchen Michlitsch, Associate Professor; BA, Gustavus Adolphus; MA, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison; 2005 -
Elizabeth Oness, Professor; BA, James Madison University; MFA, University of Maryland; PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia; 2001 -
Wayne Ripley, Associate Professor; BA, Michigan State University; MA, University of Tennessee; PhD, University of Rochester; 2006 -
Holly Shi, Professor; BA, Shanghai International Studies University; MA, PhD, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; 1995 -
Myles Weber, Associate Professor; BA, Augsburg College; MA, George Washington University; MA, Syracuse University; PhD, University of Maryland-College Park; 2007 -
Andrea Wood, Assistant Professor; BA, McGill University; MSC, University of Edinburgh; PhD, University of Florida; 2010 -
Elizabeth Zold, Assistant Professor; BA, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; MA, PhD, University of Illinois; 2013 -


The English Department is concerned with the English language as art and communication. At the lower academic levels, courses are designed to help students acquire competence in reading and writing, thinking critically, and understanding and responding to aesthetic values.

At the upper levels, the emphasis shifts increasingly to British and American literature and to more sophisticated forms of writing and linguistic studies. Students majoring in English should complete the lower-division requirements in English before registering for the upper-division courses.

Teaching Majors


Prerequisites for individual courses are designated in the course descriptions.

Pass/No Credit (P/NC) Courses

Except for some internships, no courses in the department are open to declared English majors or minors on a P/NC basis. Students not majoring or minoring in English can take any course in the department on a P/NC basis (provided they have met the prerequisites) unless the course is designated as a grade-only course.

General Education Intensive Requirements

Students may use intensive courses to satisfy both General Education and major requirements. intensive courses will usually be in the student’s major or minor program. The English Department offers the following intensive courses in the General Education Program:


Oral (◎)
Math/Critical Analysis (◆)
Writing (△)

Intensive courses that can be used to satisfy English major/minor requirements are identified in the lists of required courses and electives in this section.

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