May 08, 2021  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Science Education

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Andrew Ferstl, Physics, 146 Pasteur Hall, 507.457.5863
Jennifer L.B. Anderson, Geoscience, 128 Pasteur Hall, 507.457.2457


Biology: Kimberly M. Bates & John Nosek, 220 Pasteur Hall
Chemistry: Jennifer Zemke, 312 Pasteur Hall
Geoscience: Jennifer L.B. Anderson & W. Lee Beatty, 120 Pasteur Hall
Physics: Andrew Ferstl & Nathan Moore, 120 Pasteur Hall
Education: Melanie Reap, 152 Gildemeister Hall


At Winona State University, science education is an interdisciplinary effort to educate future teachers in the natural sciences. The science education faculty believe that all students should have a broad understanding of science and the nature of science. To accomplish this goal, the faculty is committed to prepare K-12 teacher education majors so that they can provide their students with a positive experience using challenging and rewarding science activities.  Students should be aware that the programs described below may change as the Board of Teaching considers changes to the science requirements for these programs.  Students will need to work closely with their academic advisor to ensure that they will satisfy the BOT requirements.

For K-6 Elementary Education Majors

WSU offers two science education content courses (BIOL/CHEM/GEOS/ PHYS 180 - Investigative Science I: Physical Science  and BIOL/CHEM/GEOS/ PHYS 185 - Investigative Science II: Earth & Life Science ) specifically designed for certain elementary education majors. Please consult with your advisor to determine whether these courses are required for your major.  The department prefix depends on which faculty member is teaching the course in a particular semester. The content covered in Investigative Science II, for example, is the same no matter which department is offering the course that semester. Please search all four departments when looking for these course offerings.

For 5-12 or 9-12 Science Teaching Majors

Each high school science teaching program is housed within the respective science department. Students who are interested in teaching science at the high school level should refer to those programs:

For 5-8 Middle Level Science Minor

The 5-8 Middle Level Science minor can be added to any K-6 program or 9-12 program to enable a student to apply for an endorsement to teach general science in the middle school upon achieving passing scores for all of the relevant Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLEs). Please refer to the minor program below for more information.



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