Jun 01, 2023  
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


College of Science and Engineering

Dr. Mark Garbrecht, Biology Advisor (234 Pasteur Hall)
Drs. Sara Hein and Thomas Nalli, Chemistry Advisors (342 & 350 Pasteur Hall)

The Pre-Optometry program is graduate-school specific; that is, the course of study at WSU is designed according to the graduate school chosen by the student. There are approximately 17 graduate programs in the United States, both private and public. Students interested in pre-optometry should meet with an advisor to plan their program as soon as possible after they begin study at WSU.

Before students apply to a professional optometry school, they must complete at least three years of college work, and they must take the Optometry Admissions Test. This test is usually given in February and October, and it is usually taken the fall of the student’s third undergraduate year.

In the Biology Department, most pre-dentistry students follow either the Allied Health option or the Cell and Molecular option. In the Chemistry Department, most pre-dentistry students choose the ACS Biochemistry option. Most programs require the following:

  • Biology with Laboratory (6 S.H.)
  • Microbiology with Laboratory (3 S.H.)
  • General Chemistry with Laboratory (6 S.H.)
  • Organic Chemistry (3 S.H.)
  • Physics with Laboratory (6 S.H.)
  • College Calculus (3 S.H.)
  • Statistics (3 S.H.)
  • Psychology (3 S.H.)
  • A Social Science course (3 S.H.)


◎ = Oral Intensive

◆ = Math/Critical Analysis Intensive

△ = Writing Intensive

✽ = Physical Development and Wellness Graduation Requirement