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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art - I-Design (ARTD) - BA Major

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67 S.H. (no minor required)

2.0 GPA required in major. 2.5 GPA required overall.

Letter grade required in all major courses unless otherwise noted.

Art - I-Design Major Map  

Admission to Program

Students are encouraged to declare the I-Design major upon entering WSU. Application for formal admission, which takes place every semester, requires that students:

  1. Complete (or concurrent enrolled in) ART 150 - Digital 2-D Design , ART 243 - Typography , and ART 118 - Drawing I  at the time of application.
  2. Demonstrate software competency. Intermediate level software skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign are required to take advanced level design courses. Students will be evaluated through their Design Program Application Portfolio. Additional software test is required if portfolio did not convey the required software skills.
  3. Complete an application form.
  4. Submit a portfolio of analog and digital work with the application. Because seats are limited, admission to the program is competitive based on preparation, portfolio, and academic record. Students who are not admitted may reapply.


  • Design students are required to use Apple laptop computers.
  • In order to graduate within four years, students need to apply for admission into the I-Design program during their second or third semester.
  • Due to the rapid globalization in the design industry, students of the program are required to undertake at least one multicultural activity, such as travel study or study abroad to expand their global exposure and experience. Students can take ART 313 - Western Art and Culture , ART 314 - Eastern Art and Culture , or any study abroad/travel study courses offer by other departments and universities.

Required Courses (49 S.H.)

Design Senior (9 S.H.)

Practicum (7 S.H.)

Internship (6 S.H.)

International Exposure (1 S.H.)

Concentrations Elective (18 S.H.)

Choose one concentration (must complete at least 40 S.H. of upper-level coursework). Other elective courses may be allowed with advisor approval.

Concentration A: Studio Studies

For students who wish to extend their creativity into studio art practices. This provides students the opportunities to develop advanced and creative experimental artworks. Complete at least one 400-level studio class. Choose one of the focus areas.

Printmaking Focus (18 S.H.)

Painting & Drawing Focus (18 S.H.)

Sculpture Focus (18 S.H.)

Concentration B: Conceptual Illustration Studies (18 S.H.)

For students who wish to extend their creativity into industrial-specific studio practices. The correct combinations of classes can lead students into the following career paths: medical illustration, game conceptual art, graphic art, creative writing, typography, info-graphics, etc.

Concentration C: Technology & Interactive Design Studies (18 S.H.)

For students who wish to extend their creativity into web technology, programming, UI/UX design, mobile design, interactive installation, data visualization, etc. As technology continues to grow, it offers an abundance of opportunities to develop new visual languages. The Technology and Interactive Studies allows students to be more appreciative and adaptive to the technology evolution. It enables students to be the frontier of design technology.

Concentration D: Business & Marketing (18 S.H.)

For students who wish to extend their creativity into business and marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, design manufacturing and production, etc.

Concentration E: Sustainable Design (18 S.H.)

For students who wish to extend their creativity into sustainable industries.

Concentration F: Community Development (18 S.H.)

For students who wish to extend their creativity into community development, design leadership and social entrepreneurship. Community development engages citizens and professionals to build stronger and more resilient local communities by providing them with the skills they need to affect change in their communities. Community Development generates innovative design solutions to improve non-profits, businesses, and communities.

Concentration G: Integrated Studies (18 S.H.)

A customized and individualized concentration based on special needs and interests. Combination of courses and detailed proposal needs to be approved by GD advisor during sophomore year. Approved course list must be submitted to the Warrior Hub to be added to DARS.


◎ = Oral Intensive

◆ = Math/Critical Analysis Intensive

△ = Writing Intensive

✽ = Physical Development and Wellness Graduation Requirement

= Civic Engagement and Service Learning

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