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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leadership Education - Superintendent (K-12) - Certificate/Licensure (MN & WI endorsement)

36 S.H.

Administrative Licensure Requirements

The Education Leadership Program of study can be used to meet the requirements for licensure for K-12 Principal and Superintendent in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Licensure can be earned before completing the EdS degree requirements; the EdS field study is the additional requirement for the degree. Our program of study complies with all of the Minnesota Board of School Administrators (BOSA) requirements for licensing K-12 Principals and Superintendents (MR3512) and is accessible to the public. Initial licensure requires that you:

  1. apply for admission by contacting the Program Chair (Theresa Waterbury, twaterbury@winona.edu)
  2. complete a minimum of 36 credits beyond the MS (and fulfilling the required coursework below)
  3. have completed three years of teaching experience at the elementary or secondary level while holding a teaching license valid for the position or positions in which the experience was gained
  4. complete six semester credits of internship (320 hours) with a site supervisor appropriately licensed in the licensure area you are interested in
  5. demonstrate knowledge of administrative competencies to the satisfaction of a joint faculty/administrator panel (at WSU this is called the Licensure Review Panel). Educational requirements for licensure in other states for administrative positions may be satisfied by specific program modifications. Contact the department for state licensure requirements.

Internship (Licensure) Information

Students will complete two internships within 12 months for a total of 6 credits (as listed above). The internships are a capstone field experience intended to bring the theory of the classroom to the practice of the profession. Individuals seeking K-12 Principal and Superintendent licensure will serve in the capacity of an administrative aide or intern. As a guideline for when to register for the internship, it is suggested that a minimum of 75% of program credits be completed. For individuals seeking careers in other settings, an internship can be arranged specific to career aspirations.

Licensure Review Panel

A panel of practicing school administrators and college faculty who review each candidate for licensure endorsement in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The panel serves as a final check on the professional preparation for the K-12 Principal and Superintendent license. Candidate activities and experiences in the competencies, as required by the MN Board of School Administrators (BOSA), are reviewed in a personal interview and as documented. Participation in the Panel is scheduled when all requirements have been completed.

Additional Experiences

  • Three years of successful classroom teaching experience while holding a classroom teaching license valid for the position or positions in which the experience was gained.
  • A successful exit evaluation with the WSU Licensing Review Panel to review preparation and skills required for the role of school Superintendent.