May 29, 2022  
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education Doctorate - EdD

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54 S.H.

The Winona State University applied Doctor of Education (EdD) degree program offers an innovative approach to preparing knowledgeable education practitioners. This accelerated online degree is designed for practicing educators. The program will develop practitioner scholars in education who can strategically address the challenges of practice and apply research-based strategies to improve education outcomes at all levels. The Doctor of Education degree (EdD) is designed to prepare educational practitioners at the P-12, higher education, and community college levels. This program utilizes an online cohort model with two face-to-face summer residencies. The goal of the program is to prepare educational practitioners to be creative, to address problems of practice in educational settings, to improve pedagogy, and other professional practices, and to use data-driven decision-making strategies. Additionally, students will receive instruction in the fundamental theories of education along with clinical opportunities to put concepts and theory into practice with related program evaluation. Action research will be the guiding framework for the dissertation component of the EdD.

The following plan of study assumes that admitted students will have a completed Master’s degree or EdS of no less than 30 semester credits.

EDUO Transition Points

The EdD program is organized around a specific set of transition points that serve as assessment benchmarks as students navigate the curriculum and provide for program accountability.

  • Transition Point 1 - Program Admission Assessment
  • Transition Point 2 - Academic Residency & Doctoral Student Orientation
  • Transition Point 3 - Action Research Prospectus
  • Transition Point 4 - Dissertation Proposal Defense
  • Transition Point 5 - Dissertation Final Defense & Program Completion

Elective Courses Emphasis Area (9 S.H.)

Students take elective courses that support their selected emphasis area in consultation with their program advisors. An emphasis area course selection may vary for students who completed courses in the areas below as part of completing their master’s degrees at WSU. Elective course sequence is subject to change based on availability and scheduling by department chairs. Suggested emphasis areas include: Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education, Organizational Leadership, Evaluation and Assessment.


Total credit hours vary. Students may earn up to 12 S.H. Students will remain enrolled in EDUO 899 until the dissertation is completed.

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