May 26, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Spanish (Teaching) (SPNT) - BT Major

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Spanish Teaching Major Image

74-78 credits (no minor required)

2.75 GPA required.

B grade or better required in all Spanish courses and WLED 405.

Letter grade required in all major courses unless otherwise noted.

Additionally, in order to have the academic and professional language skills needed to be effective world language educators, Spanish Teaching candidates need to achieve Advanced Low on both the Oral Proficiency Interview and Written Proficiency Test. In order to achieve this level, most students need to study in a Spanish-speaking country for a minimum of one semester. Any Spanish Teaching major who has not achieved at least Intermediate High level will not be allowed to student teach and will not be certified to teach by the state of Minnesota.

Declaring the Major

Students interested in the Spanish Teaching major must select the PSPN code for declaration purposes. This will be converted into SPNT (Spanish Teaching) major after they have been admitted into the program.

Language Skills (8 credits)



* If not applied as a core course

** GS 468  must be taken concurrently with SPAN 410  to count as electives. GS 468 taken by itself will not count.

GS 350 - Cross-Cultural Field Experience  may count as elective credit if taken in a Spanish-speaking region and pending advisor approval. Up to 9 credits may be awarded for completion of course requirements in Spanish. Course work completed in English will not count towards the Spanish Teaching major. See Spanish program advisor to complete a course substitution form.

Teacher Education Licensure Program

Students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Unit before taking Professional Education courses. For more information on this Admission process, visit the Teacher Education Program Admissions page.

All Winona State University Teacher Education Licensure Programs  are continuously updated to reflect new licensure requirements from the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board. Please contact your program academic advisor for the latest information about program requirements.

Criteria required before completing online application:

  • 30 college level credits completed with no more than 4 credits of pass/no credit
  • Cumulative G.P.A. of at least ≥ 2.75 based on 30 most recent credits including all credits per semester
  • B grade or better in a 3-credit college level writing course (ENG 111  if taken at WSU)
  • B grade or better in a 3-credit college level speech course (CMST 191  or CMST 192  if taken at WSU)
  • C grade or better in a 3-credit college level math course (MATH 202  is required for Elementary and Early Childhood majors)
  • Early Clinical experience; clinical hours ≥ 15 hours: Complete 15 hours of experience working with children post high school graduation

Professional Education Sequence (36 credits)

Note: Teacher education majors must complete all Professional Education Sequence courses in addition to content area courses. Refer to Teacher Education Licensure Programs  for more information.


  • EDFD 401 and 461 must be taken concurrently
  • EDFD 421 and 441 must be taken concurrently
  • EDFD 459 and 462 must be taken concurrently

Intercultural Immersion Experience

15 hours minimum required as approved by advisor

  • Study Abroad
  • Faculty-led Travel Study
  • 15-hour minimum Clinical/Internship/Field Experiences with Latinx populations in university coursework
  • Partnership with local or regional organization

Language Proficiency Interview & Written Proficiency Test

All Spanish Teaching majors must complete an official Oral Proficiency Interview and Written Proficiency Test through Language Testing International prior to student teaching. Advanced low proficiency is required for program completion. Teacher candidates who do not obtain Intermediate High or higher will not be allowed to student teach. See program advisor for details.

Spanish Teaching Capstone Portfolio

All Spanish Teaching majors must complete a Spanish Teaching Portfolio to be submitted to the program advisor before the completion of student teaching. Spanish Teaching majors will be supported in this process through portfolio workshops; a large portion of the portfolio will be completed during WLED 405 .


◎ = Oral Intensive

◆ = Math/Critical Analysis Intensive

△ = Writing Intensive

✽ = Physical Development and Wellness Graduation Requirement

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