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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Pre-Medicine (Allopathic and Osteopathic)


220 Pasteur Hall (507.457.5271)
Dr. Jake Hines, Dr. Amy Runck, & Dr. Ted Wilson, Advisors


350 Pasteur Hall (507.457.2476)
Dr. Thomas Nalli, Advisor

342 Pasteur Hall (507.457.5294)
Dr. Sara Hein, Advisor

Program Information

With few exceptions, admission into a medical school requires a bachelor’s degree but does not require a specific undergraduate major. Each pre-medical student should, therefore, choose a major in which he or she has a strong interest while working closely with a pre-medical advisor to be certain that prerequisite courses for medical schools are completed. In the Biology Department, most pre-medical students choose the Biology - Cell and Molecular (BICM) - BS Major . In the Chemistry Department, most pre-medical students choose the Chemistry - ACS Biochemistry (CHBI) - BS Major .

Admission to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Medical School, Mayo School of Medicine, and the University of Minnesota-Duluth Medical School requires completion of a four-year degree which includes:

  • Biology with lab (2 semesters/1 year)
  • General Chemistry with lab (2 semesters/1 year)
  • Organic Chemistry with lab (2 semesters/1 year)
  • Calculus (1 semester)
  • Physics with lab (2 semesters/1 year)
  • Biochemistry (1 semester)
  • English (2 semesters/1 year)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (2 semesters/1 year)

These same requirements are applicable to the majority of both allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO) medical schools in the United States. Premedical students should seek the advice of a pre-medical advisor during their first semester at WSU, and they should consult the catalogs of the medical schools of their choice for more specific requirements. The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) should be taken no later than August prior to the year in which applications will be submitted. MCAT application and AMCAS packets are available online; the pre-medical advisors will help students access these applications.

Recommended Courses

Note: ENG 111 , CHEM 212  and CHEM 213 , and BIOL 241  and BIOL 242  should be taken during the first year of college.

Other Courses to Complete Required Credit

Students should consult with their advisor for those courses necessary to complete a BS degree.


◎ = Oral Intensive

◆ = Math/Critical Analysis Intensive

△ = Writing Intensive

✽ = Physical Development and Wellness Graduation Requirement