May 18, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Pre-Physician Assistant


220 Pasteur Hall (507.457.5270)
Dr. Ted Wilson, Dr. Mark Garbrecht, Dr. Amy Runck, Advisors


350 Pasteur Hall (507.457.2476)
Dr. Thomas Nalli, Advisor

342 Pasteur Hall (507.457.5294)
Dr. Sara Hein, Advisor

Program Information

The course of study is designed according to the school chosen by the student. A complete list of accredited physician assistant programs can be found on the ARC-PA website. In the Biology Department, most pre-physician assistant students follow the pre-medical curriculum with a major in biology - either the Biology - Allied Health (BIAH) - BS Major  or the Biology - Cell and Molecular (BICM) - BS Major . In the Chemistry Department, most pre-physician assistant students choose the Chemistry - ACS Biochemistry (CHBI) - BS Major . Most physician assistant programs require a bachelor’s degree for admission. Students should meet early with an advisor to plan their programs of courses.