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2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Veterans Assistance


Veterans Affairs Office
1st Floor Maxwell Hall (507.457.5109)

WSU is approved by the State Approving Agency for Veterans Training. Students should present their eligibility certificates to the Veterans Affairs Office when they enroll.

Policies and Procedures

  1. A student’s application for veterans’ benefits can be submitted through the county Veterans Service Office or through WSU. Along with the application, students must submit a certified copy of their DD-214 form or a Notice of Basic Eligibility.
  2. Students should submit both copies of their Certificate of Eligibility for WSU when they apply for admission.
  3. Enrollment is certified only after students present their DD-214 forms to the Veterans Affairs Office (after they have been admitted to the University). Enrollment for full-time students is usually for the academic year. Summer sessions and/or workshops are separate enrollment periods. The date of students’ enrollment is based on the school calendar, workshop dates, or contract periods. Note: A mixture of graduate and undergraduate credits is allowed only under special arrangements.
  4. Students must report each change in academic load to the Veterans Affairs Office.
  5. Payments of benefits: Allowances are paid on a monthly basis, conditional on students’ satisfactory progress in an approved course and their conduct. Payments are released upon certification furnished by the school. Students must notify the Registrar’s Office and the Veterans Affairs Office when they complete a course, drop a course, or have an interruption in their course of training.
  6. Veterans with Dependents: The Veterans Administration (VA) requires students to submit certified copies of marriage certificates, birth certificates, and/or adoption papers for their dependents before they can receive payments based on their marriage and dependents. They are paid a single rate until these documents are on file with the VA. The WSU Veterans Affairs Office and the county Veterans Services Officer can help expedite this procedure.
  7. Re-enrollment: Students can re-enroll without a new Certificate of Eligibility. They must notify the WSU Veterans Affairs Office.
  8. Academic Load: Full-time training requires 12 semester hours (S.H.) of undergraduate credit or 9 S.H. of graduate credit. Three-fourths time training requires 9 S.H. of undergraduate credit or 7-8 S.H. of graduate credit. Half-time training requires 6-8 S.H. undergraduate credit or 6 S.H. of graduate credit.
  9. Tutorial assistance: This program provides tutors to help students overcome a deficiency in any subject required for the satisfactory pursuit of an educational objective. It is available to Vietnam-era veterans. Contact the WSU Veterans Affairs Office for detailed information.
  10. Credit for military schools: Service schools and training are evaluated according to the recommendations of the American Council on Education’s Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experience in the Armed Services when students present an official AARTS or SMARTS transcript to the Office of Admissions.
  11. Waiver of physical education activity requirements: This requirement is waived if students have been on active duty for more than one year.