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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health, Exercise, and Rehabilitative Sciences

351 Maxwell Hall
Health, Exercise, and Rehabilitative Sciences website
Brian Zeller, Chairperson


Phillip Appicelli, Professor; BA, College of St. Scholastica; MA, PhD, Kent State University; 1998 -
Michelle Darst, Instructor; BS, Winona State University; MS, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville; 2008 -
Brandon Donahue, Assistant Professor; BS, Winona State University; MS, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; DAT, AT Still University; 2018 -
Justin Geijer, Associate Professor; BS, MS, Northern Illinois University; PhD, University of Minnesota; 2013 -
Andrea Gierok, Assistant Professor; BS, Winona State University; MPH, University of South Florida-Tampa; EdD, St. Cloud University; 2015 -
Kent Hansen, Associate Professor; BA, Concordia College; MS, University of Montana-Missoula; PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison; 2012 -
Becky Heinert, Assistant Professor; BS, MS, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; 2022 -
Gary Kastello, Professor; BS, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; MA, Ball State University; PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; 1997 -
Ellanora Kraemer, Associate Professor; BS, Winona State University; MS, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; PhD, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions; 2009 -
Teresa Lee, Associate Professor; BS, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; MS, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; EdD, Capella University; 2009 -
Janet Macon, Instructor; BS, University of Wisconsin-Stout; MS, Iowa State; 2012 -
Connie Mettille, Assistant Professor; BS, Winona State University; MS, University of Wyoming; 2001 -
Erin White, Associate Professor; BS, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; MS, University of Tennessee-Knoxville; PhD, Michigan State University; 2011 -
Brian Zeller, Professor; BS, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; MS, Indiana State University; PhD, University of Kentucky; 2000 -


The Department of Health, Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences is committed to preparing competent, entry-level exercise physiologists, health educators, athletic trainers, and students well-prepared for graduate study. Our goal is to prepare graduates who can serve the needs of Minnesota and the global community. In order to fill this fundamental mission, the faculty:

  • Provide instruction in health promotion, public health, exercise science, and clinical sciences.
  • Facilitate the professional development of the students through sound instruction, scholarly activity, and demonstrated service.

The department fosters the development of physical, social, emotional, recreational, clinical, and culturally diverse skills to enhance the human behavior and well-being of all populations. The department is committed to student-faculty contact, cooperation among students, active learning, prompt feedback, time on task, high expectations, diverse talents and ways of learning.

Pre-Professional Sequences

Pre-professional programs are preparatory for graduate degrees at Winona State University or at another college or university. Students interested in pursuing graduate degrees in physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, or chiropractic medicine typically choose the Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences: Movement Science option.

The Movement Science option (ERMS), is designed to offer pre-professional students, especially pre-physical therapy and pre-occupational therapy students, a course of study that meets prerequisites for graduate work in these fields, within the 120 credits required to graduate from Winona State University. Dr. Gary Kastello and Dr. Kent Hansen are responsible for advising students interested in these pre-professional programs or graduate study in a movement science field, such as biomechanics, kinesiology, exercise physiology, or motor control. Students may contact Dr. Kastello at 507.457.5219 (gkastello@winona.edu) or Dr. Hansen at 507.457.5217 (khansen@winona.edu). For additional information see the Pre-Professional Sequences .


A number of scholarships are available for majors in the Department of Health, Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences. Students should inquire about scholarships early in the academic year. A complete listing of the criteria for each scholarship is available in the HERS Department office on the Foundation website.


In academic courses, practica, and internships, HERS majors will be exposed to a wide array of school, clinical, and community experiences that enhance their education. Students participating in these experiences will have additional annual expenses for professional liability insurance and background studies. The costs for these requirements will be established each academic year.

Travel Costs

Students will be required to travel to clinical sites or practicum sites within the Winona community and surrounding area (up to 50 miles). All travel costs are the responsibility of the student. Students with majors that require Internships or immersive experiences will also be responsible for all travel and living costs associated with the experience. Additional information may be obtained from the student’s faculty advisor.

Background Studies

Schools, businesses, nonprofits, and health care facilities emphasize security and safety for all. Therefore, students involved in educational experiences in the community are required to complete a background study. Background screening is often required by federal and/or state law. Students should be aware that having criminal charges on their record may preclude them from educational experiences, professional certifications, or future employment.

Liability Insurance

A blanket professional liability insurance policy for students is secured annually through an insurance provider determined by the Minnesota Office of Risk Management in cooperation with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Coverage is based on an incident/occurrence and aggregate rate basis. Student teachers may also be required to purchase other liability insurance. Such policies are available to other majors through their professional organizations. Students should contact their advisor for more information.

Pass/No Credit (P/NC) Courses & HERS Coursework Retake Limit

Except for some practica and all internships, students must take all courses in the major, minor, or options on a grade-only basis. The P/NC option is available to non-majors unless otherwise noted. Courses offered on a pass/no credit only or grade only basis are so designated in the course descriptions.

Students are limited to completing a HERS course three times. After enrolling and receiving a D or F grade for any HERS course three separate times, HERS department will remove the student from the HERS major, major option or minor.

Internships and Practica

The HERS internship program provides significant experiential learning opportunities valuable to a student’s professional development. The field experience provides a means of reinforcing and enhancing academic preparation while applying knowledge and skills in a work environment. Through cooperative planning and implementation in partnership with the internship agency (site), the HERS Department requires the following internships for eligible degree candidates:

The internship experience serves as a practical vehicle of transition, helping students move from classroom to workplace settings. With the structured environment of a University-approved agency/site and under the direct supervision of a University-approved professional, students receive guidance in transitioning from the academic setting into the role of an employee in a “real life” worksite.

General Education Intensive Requirements

Students may use intensive courses to satisfy both General Education Program (GEP)  and major requirements. Intensive courses will usually be in the student’s major or minor program. The following are offered as GEP intensive courses in the HERS Department:


Oral ()
Math/Critical Analysis (◆)
Writing (△)

Intensive courses that can be used to satisfy major/minor requirements are identified in the lists of required courses and electives.


    Bachelor of ScienceBachelor of Science - TeachingMinor