May 18, 2024  
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

Counselor Education - School Counseling (CSCH) - MS

Location(s): Winona, Rochester

School Counseling Image

60-62 credits

3.0 GPA required.

The School Counseling program prepares program graduates for employment as PK-12 school counselors. Successful completion of the program leads to recommendation for licensure as a school counselor counselor in Minnesota or Wisconsin. If a student plans to become licensed in a state other than Minnesota or Wisconsin, students should work with their advisor to complete specific licensure requirements for the state in which they plan to practice. View state requirements through the American School Counselor Association. The School Counseling Program is CACREP accredited. Comprehensive exam also required.

Electives (4-6 credits) *

To complete the 60-semester hour school counseling program, please work with advisor to choose 1) one elective course related to characteristics, risk factors, and warning signs of students at risk for mental health and behavioral disorders, and 2) one course that meets program evaluation requirements.

Choose one (1-3 credits)


* State School Counselor Licensure requirements vary. Please work with advisor to choose elective option (e.g., IA licensure standards specify preparation in exceptionality, while WI requires work related to indigenous populations). Also, see the WSU Counselor Education Department Student Handbook for detailed information regarding school counselor licensure requirements and related course recommendations.