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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dance (DANC) - BA Minor

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26 S.H.

Required Courses - THAD (17 S.H.)


† Four enrollments in THAD 090 - THAD Showcase  (0 S.H.) with a grade of “P” are required. One of these enrollments must be in the student’s final semester, when the student will assemble the required portfolio (see “Portfolio Requirement” ).

Technique (8 S.H.)

Must include at least 5 S.H. in modern dance from the following list. Each technique class may be repeated once for credit.

Electives (9 S.H.)


Each Dance Repertory class ( THAD 137 - Dance Repertory I , THAD 237 - Dance Repertory II , THAD 337 - Dance Repertory III , THAD 437 - Dance Repertory IV ) may be repeated twice for a total of FOUR S.H. THAD 222 - Dancescape  may be repeated four times. In addition, advanced THAD dance technique courses (levels II, III, IV) may be used as electives if not taken to fulfill requirements in the required “Technique” category.

Physical Education and Sport Science – PESS

Music – MUS

Philosophy – PHIL

Portfolio Requirement

Upon declaring a dance minor, students should schedule a “portfolio appointment” with Professor Gretchen Cohenour, PAC Room 212. Dance minors are required to document their development while at WSU by maintaining chronological digital video files of their work and other supporting written and visual materials, organized in portfolio form. The completed portfolio must be submitted for faculty review by April 1 in the year of graduation or by November 1 for mid-year graduates.


◎ = Oral Intensive

◆ = Math/Critical Analysis Intensive

△ = Writing Intensive

✽ = Physical Development and Wellness Graduation Requirement

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